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Please share this page with anyone you know of who lives with chronic pain

The Fibromyalgia Flare Report

The Fibromyalgia Flare Help Guide

This report is also one that will grow and evolve with YOUR help.

I have this report that will list all the big issues that cause our flares.

The parts that I know about and have researched a lot, and even have some solutions for, I have added in my say there.

But, the parts that I do NOT know much about, I am asking for help here. As this report starts to gain exposure and I start to connect with real experts, so I will add more and more details.

For now, it is a little slim. Sorry :), But if you can contribute some expertise I would love that.

You will receive any or all updated reports as and when I improve on the original.


The Fibromyalgia-Club

These 2 links all go to different versions of my Fibromyalgia club business.


This is the story behind my fibromyalgia club page. It is a soft sales page for the fibro club, and explains why I got involved in all this helping-chronic-pain thing.

Click here to see the page

This one will take you to the actual membership website. This is the site where I help people with “job” and income issues find better ways to earn an income and (more importantly) reduce their stress levels and therefore get less pain.

However, most of that site will be blocked from viewing the content until you have joined up (7-day free trial)

Click here to see the page

The signup page – Click Here

The Expert Help Request

This is ONLY if YOU are an EXPERT



This entire report is just an invitation to ask you to join with me and many others to help combine our knowledge to our benefit.


Are you willing to help and gain that information too?

We share what we have experienced and learned. Then I compile it and we all learn from that combined information.

I write this initial report very close to the end of 2019 and know that it will take a bit of time for many people to see this and join and start to make a body of information that will begin to help all of us.

We have to start somewhere. (please share it to as many people that you know of with a chronic pain condition.)

This is a free report designed to help compile resources and ideas to combat all the issues and problems caused by chronic pain illnesses and conditions.

This includes any conditions that include daily chronic pain and more.

This report focuses on Fibromyalgia as the main condition, but allows that the autoimmune diseases are often connected and have duplicated symptoms.


All The PLR Reports

These reports are all PLR. Private Label Rights reports – meaning that I never wrote them, but bought the rights to give them to you.

Plus they are also just teaser reports as the complete versions of these courses will all e inside the Fibromyalgia Club Membership site – See the link above.

I offer them to you as a great way to get an idea as to what might be inside the full course.

Five suprisingly simple ways to be happy.

A 10 page giveaway as an intro to the full course inside the membership area.

Download it now – Click here

Five ways to calm your mind

See 5 tools to use to calm your mind when necessary.

Download it now – Click here

Is Gluten damaging your health?

Get this short report covering ten signs that you might be missing.

Download it now – Click here

A complete detox guide

Common misconceptions about detoxification.

Download it now – Click here

Emotional Intelligence

Maximize your EQ for unstoppable victory

Download it now – Click here

Heal With Fruit and Vegetables

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Download it now – Click here


Discover the truth about fermented tea

Download it now – Click here

Living Paleo

Paleo is not Keto. Going paleo is more than just hunting and fishing.

Download it now – Click here